(or at least the first phase…)

We have taken a very different approach to that of the old website. Splitting the member content from the public information.

By providing a Members area as well as a public face we hope that the information we are providing will become clearer, easier to navigate and more relevant to both audiences.

Our initial focus has been on improving the public-facing side of the website; the bit that new members and potential volunteers see. Providing them with relevant information about all of our sections in a clear format, alongside links to get involved.

Hopefully, now we have untangled member-focused information from the important bits that the public are interested in, potential members will have a much more pleasant experience and be able to find the information they are looking for; making it easier to get involved.

We haven’t forgotten about the information that existing members want to see, we have a plan and are now starting to work our way through the sections of the Members Area.

The Members Area will be broken down into clear sections for each different area, all navigated from the Members Area homepage. Take a look to see what is to come.

We are also hoping to improve the way we communicate with all of our members by the introduction of a new Newsletter alongside specific section and training updates. You can sign up now from the Members Area!

Watch this space as we continue to work our way through the member’s area pages.