I am delighted to be able to announce that the County has agreed to provide each youth section within the County with Gold level membership for at least the next 3 years.

I know a large number of sections already make use of OSM to manage their section and have seen the great benefits it provides in terms of managing membership records, programme planning, badge records and so much more, saving leaders vast amounts of admin time whilst improving the experience for our Young People and volunteers.

If you are already using OSM we would like you to register your section against the County membership as soon as possible, this will also ensure that your subscriptions automatically renew at the end of your current period at Gold level, for free.

All sections will need to register their section with the County OSM administrator to receive a personal discount code which will be emailed to you along with instructions of how to use the code.

We know that there is a great deal of rich functionality within OSM and to help you maximise the benefits for your section, we will be looking to offer some training sessions for leaders. Please let us know if you would be interested in training when you contact us to register your sections.

If you have a good working knowledge and experience with OSM and would be interested in acting as a local champion and helping others within your District please do let us know.

To get your OSM code please complete the form below.

Gareth Phillips
County Commissioner


A member of the team will review your request and send you instructions to link your account to the County subscription along with a discount code for you to use.
Nothing changes you are simply adding a discount code to your existing subscription.
Once you have received your code you just need to add it to your account and it should connect immediately.
For those already paying for Gold, the discount code will apply from your next due date so no refunds will be paid.
The County are only paying for the Gold level subscription. All other features beyond that will still need to be paid for by your group/unit.
Nothing changes to your existing OSM so no one should see any change at all.
County and District have statistical access only to see numbers of young people, awards and events. No specific details are visible to the County or District.
No transfer is required as you are simply adding a discount code to your existing subscription.
Any waiting lists should be set up using the “Waiting List” section type in OSM. Please register your OSM waiting lists using the County code– while this does not give access to any further features it helps districts and the county to ascertain where additional provision may be required to address waiting list numbers.
Any adult Sections should be set up using the “Adult” section type in OSM. They can be linked to the discount codes but this does not give you any additional features.
The email and text features in the adult section are additional items that your group/district will need to pay for separately should you wish to use them.
No, the County is only paying for Gold level all additional subscriptions will need to be paid for by your group for each of your sections. This is currently £19 for all the available subscription add ons.

These FAQ’s will be updated as and when we get more questions.