Welcome to our new look. As you will hopefully see, we have taken a very different approach to that of the old website. 

The website now exists in two parts, the public-facing platform and the Members area

The old website tried to combine everything into one, with perspective members being confronted with lots of information about events, safety notices and generally things they didn’t yet need to worry about. The sectional pages were trying to attract new members but also inform current members and leaders about upcoming events and activities. It just wasn’t as clear as it could have been, hence the clear and defined split of the two functions. 

Splitting the site gives new members what they want to see and makes the information that leaders need more accessible. We hope that this provides an improved experience for everyone. 

For prospective new members, the information is simply presented and focused around our core sections and Top Awards. Providing key information to give them a taste of what Scouting can offer and how they can get involved. 

The Members Area then hosts the content to support leaders and other adults in the County. From the diary to training, awards and sectional news. Broken down into sections, to hopefully make it quick and easy to navigate to the information you are looking for. We are still working on this so do bear with us as we prioritise and develop each area with the relevant members of the County team. 

We hope the changes mean that everyone can find the information that is relevant to them more quickly and the website becomes a more useful tool. We have also updated the look to come in line with the new branding. 

Keep checking back for updates!