20 – 60 MINS



You can run this activity in a variety of ways, depending on the facilities you have available and how long you want it to last. Pick one or more of the lists below or make your own –

  • Email lists out to parents and get them to send back an image.
  • Post to your section’s facebook group one item at a time – give them 5 minutes to find them items.
  • Post a complete list to your section’s facebook group – give them a fixed time to find them items.
  • Section video call and give them one item at a time to find.

You could give bonus points for unique items.

There is some further advice on running programme’s at home here.


Indoor Scavenger Hunt

  1. Find a fork
  2. Find something that is red
  3. Find a tissue box
  4. Find 3 things that have wheels
  5. Find an orange crayon
  6. Find something that is very soft
  7. Find a plaster
  8. Find a key
  9. Find 2 socks that match
  10. Find something round
  11. Find a sticker
  12. Find a rubber band
  13. Find a pair of glasses
  14. Find an envelope

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

  1. Find something Red
  2. Find something Yellow
  3. Find something Orange
  4. Find something Green
  5. Find something Blue
  6. Find something Purple
  7. Name a fruit that is Red
  8. Name an animal that is Yellow
  9. Name a vegetable that is orange
  10. Name a plant that is green
  11. Name a flower that is purple
  12. Name something outside that is blue

Maths Scavenger Hunt

  1. Find 2 pencils and 1 blue crayon. How many items do you have now?
  2. Find 5 blocks and 2 pennies. How many items do you have now? Take away 3 blocks. How many items are left?
  3. Find 4 socks and 2 stuffed animals. How many items do you have all together?
  4. Find 8 raisins. Eat 4 of them. How many are left?
  5. Find 3 spoons, 4 books and 1 orange crayon. How many items do you have wall together?

Books Scavenger Hunt

  1. Find an animal in a book
  2. Find the word spring in a book
  3. Find someone helping someone else in a book
  4. Find a picture of the Sun in a book
  5. Find a book that makes you laugh.
  6. Find a bug in a book
  7. Find someone sleeping in a book
  8. Find a pet in a book
  9. Find a cat in a book
  10. Find the first letter of your name in a book title
  11. Find a superhero in a book
  12. Find a bike in a book

Make your own

Make your own list of items they may have at home. You could make it more interesting by getting them to make things!