20 – 90 MINS



You can run this activity in a variety of ways, depending on the facilities you have available and how long you want it to last.

  • Email lists out to parents and get them to send back an image.
  • Post to your section’s facebook group one item at a time – give them 5 minutes to find them items.
  • Post a complete list to your section’s facebook group – give them a fixed time to find them items.
  • Section video call and give them one item at a time to find.

There’s some further advice on running programme’s at home here.


(Rules assume you are running on zoom or similar – they can be easily adapted for email or playing live via video)

You will be given a set of clues (5 at a time) you then have 5 minutes to solve the clues and find the items.

At the end of the 5 minutes everyone will need to have their items on screen (or post a photo).

Bonus points for items that are correct and that nobody else has found!

Puzzle me that

1. I have teeth but cannot eat. What am I?
2. My legs are closed but can open me with your fingers. What am i?
3. I have head and tail, but no legs. I am that for which the beggar begs. What am I?
4. Camping out? Keep me near. Although I cannot solve your fear. It just helps to flick my switch when in the dark you sense a twitch. What am I?
5. I have a ring but no finger to put it on. What am I?

6. I have four legs, a back but no body. What am I?
7. I start with an ‘E’ and end with ‘E’ but only contain a single letter. What am I?
8. I am like a rainbow in a container. What am I?
9. No morning routine is complete without me. Pick me up and then you’ll see. If you leave without our session, you’ll spend the day worrying about your impression. What am I?
10. Stepping out? Wear me first! I’ll protect your feet from the worst. What am I?

11. I have a heart, but it doesn’t beat. What am I?
12. Dry and crunchy – that’s how I’m made! But people like to see me bathe. In a box or in a pouch, the perfect meal for any slouch. What am I?
13. Tear off my skin and I won’t cry, but you will. What am I?
14. Turn out the light and rest your head on me tonight. What am I?
15. You use me after playing in the dirt. If I get in your eyes it might hurt. what am I?

16. From my reflection, you will see your complexion. What am I? (
17. From this pot, the adults can drink a lot. What am I?
18. I grow shorter, as I grow older. What am I?
19. I am a King or Queen but also a common device to measure. What am I?
20. I cannot be burnt in a fire nor downed in water. What am I?

21. I do not have flesh, feather, scales nor bones, yet we still have fingers and thumbs of our own. What am I?
22. My words number quite many (like pen, pent and penny) my title you will discover is explained under my cover. What am I?
23. The more I dry the wetter I become. What am I?
24. A full one puts a smile on your face. You keep on going like it’s a race. But as my contents start to diminish, you’ll start to think if you’re ready to finish. What am I?
25. Feeling cold? Then don’t forget me! Throw me on before you go. I’m nothing special, everyone has me. People wear me when the temperature’s low. What am I?

26. In a bowl or on a hook, just keep me somewhere you can look. On a shelf or in your pocket, make sure I’m near before you lock it. What am I?
27. Hold me light, hold me gentle. When you handle me, it’s always careful. But when it’s time to use my insides, tap me hard and crack my outside. Here it comes, the gooey flow. Into the heat, I slowly go. What am I?
28. Stiff is my spine and my body is pale, but I’m always ready to tell a tale. What am I?
29. I am Bugs Bunny’s favourite food. What am I?
30. I have keys but no locks, with space but no room I can allow you to enter but not get in. What am I?