1. Decide where to explore.
You could go to:

  • the seashore
  • a forest or park
  • woodland
  • the moors
  • a town

2. List at least 10 things you expect to find there.
(Think about what you expect to find.)

3. Using Google Streetview, explorer your selected location. Find all of the items you listed for 2. Take screenshots of the items.
(Go on the exploration.)

4. Create a poster or collage, you could use the item you screenshot from step 3. Share with the rest of the colony and see if they can guess where you went…
(Tell other Beavers what you have discovered.)

Maybe one day (once we are back to normal!) you can make a real visit and share a photo!

(Comments in brackets are the original badge requirements, the main text covers a suggestion on how you could cover this requirement from home)

Beavers Explorer Activity Badge