While we are still experiencing restrictions it is likely that the normal remembrance activities and parades are going to be cancelled for this year.

We can all however still take part in acts of Rememberance and take the opportunity to reflect on the sacrifices that others have made.

Below is a selection of Activities that you can take part in, with your section or at home. You could then display your creations in your window and show your support for our armed forces.

Poppy Pinwheel

Paracord Poppy

Poppy Lanterns

A Pebble to remember

Other activities can be found on the scout website – https://www.scouts.org.uk/supporters/remembrance-day/

This year Poppies are still available in some shops or you can get Poppies in the post. You can request 20 poppies free of charge by completing the form. You can then give them to your friends and family and ask them for a donation to support the Armed Forces community. More information is available on the British Legion website.

The Royal British Legion also have a Poppy colouring activity you could download and colour for your windows.

The Scout Store also has a selection of Poppy and Scouting items available with 50% of the proceeds from the sale of each item will directly benefit The Royal British Legion charity to support the valuable work that they do, with the other 50% going back to UK Scouting.

Taking part in any one of these activities also counts as one County Team Challenge as Part of our Scouting at Home Award.

Don’t forget to share photos of your creations!

Online Act of Remembrance

In light of the current restrictions which are preventing us from carrying out acts of Remembrance in our normal way, this is a short reflection including the doorstep 2-minute silence.

(The silence is 3 minutes in, so please start the video at 10:57 to get the 2 minute silence at 11:00.)