20 – 40 MINS



You can run this activity in a variety of ways, depending on the facilities you have available and how long you want it to last.

  • Email the PDF out to parents and get them to send back the answer, no need to print as they can work off the screen.
  • Post to your section’s facebook group.
  • Post a complete list to your section’s facebook group – give them a fixed time to solve the puzzles.

There’s some further advice on running programme’s at home here.


The PDF workbook is designed for all to take part just by following the activities. Scouts can work on this at their own pace and give you their answer – how is up to you.

You can download it here – Code Breaker-Murder-Mystery

Completing each code breaking activity, which reveals a clue to the murderer. Suspects can be crossed off the guest list after each activity.

There are 5 activities altogether, a different style of code to decipher.

A separate answer sheet has been provided.