Module 10


To cover the skills and knowledge necessary to enable adults to manage an incident and provide basic
First Aid.


  • First Aid.


Revalidation of this module is not required for any change of role.




To check your knowledge or to view the validation criteria please view the module pages in the Adult’s Personal File for Section Leaders which can be viewed or downloaded on the main Scouts website.

Understanding First Aid Training
Module 10 needs to be completed for any active leadership roles on Compass and in addition, you need to ensure your mandatory training is kept up to date.

Initial First Aid Training for module 10 must be in the form of a 6-hour first aid course, however, when renewing a 2-hour refresher is acceptable for a further 3 years and again 3 years later but after that time a 6-hour course must be undertaken.

What if I already have a first aid Certificate?
Any EFAW, EFAW (Sports), EFAW (Forest Skills), EFAW (Outdoors), FAW or EPFA or PFA qualification may be acceptable for Module 10 and/or mandatory learning.

  • a PFA qualification covers the scout association’s required course material of ‘Meningitis and Hyperthermia/Hypothermia’.
  • a FAW qualification only covers Hyperthermia/Hypothermia.
  • a EFAW or EPFA course does not include either subject.

Therefore if your qualification is anything other than a PFA then you will need to prove course contents of any blended learning course you have undertaken or undertake additional Meningitis and Hyperthermia/Hypothermia training to allow validation of your qualification.

Any individual employed in a medical field will need a certificate or letter of assurance in respect of competency from a recognised medical organisation such as a hospital or trust.

How can I validate my existing qualifications?
For courses that cover the full requirements of Module 10, upon submission of a copy of your qualification Module 10 and/or ongoing training can be validated.

For courses that DO NOT cover the full requirements of Module 10, upon submission of a copy of your qualification and completion of the online learner paper, both elements can be submitted for validation towards your Module 10 and/or ongoing training.

Qualifications can be emailed to the First Aid Training Team.


Additional resources can be found on the First Aid and First Response pages on the main Scouts website.


Should you require any of the information contained within these pages in an alternative format, please contact the Training Team.