While face to face scouting is suspended we will be trying to post activities and tasks here to give you some ideas of what you may be able to do with your Scouts at home.

Some will just be fun activities while others will link to badgework.

If you aren’t sure how to get started with Scouting at Home, take a look at our post here.

County Youth Conference *Cancelled*

Unfortunately, we’ve decided to cancel our County youth conference due to take place on 6th November. We didn't reach our […]

YouShape Award and Youth Conference Update

In September, the County Youth Team launched Mission: YouShape, our youth shaped strategy. Scouts is a movement centred around young […]

Getting Back together safely

The restart process may be a little bit daunting but we are here to help you out. Leaders are required […]

Loo Roll Art Challenge

Can you create a Scouty Picture from a single toilet roll? Using only 1 toilet roll create a scout themed […]

Potato Bridge Challenge

Can you build a paper bridge to support a potato? Using only newspaper and sellotape build a bridge between 2 […]

Juicing Challenge

Can you make some fruit juice? Juice either a grape, banana, lime, coconut or pineapple using either a shoe, tweezers, […]

Create a Challenge

Can you come up with a great challenge? We have a few more up our sleeves, but we would love […]

Scouting at Home Award – Completion

The form below can be used to register for the Scouting at Home award badges for those that have completed […]

Egg Drop Challenge

Can you drop an egg from 2m without it breaking? Using only what you can find in your recycling, can […]


While we are still experiencing restrictions it is likely that the normal remembrance activities and parades are going to be […]