Scouting at Home is nothing to be afraid of and it isn’t as complicated as you may first think.

There are lots of ways you can keep in touch with members and give them little bits to keep them busy in these unusual times.

It is important to remember that everyone is likely to be quite stressed and unsure, so piling loads of extra onto parents may be a non-starter, a lot of them are already homeschooling while trying to work from home. Keep it light hearted and enjoyable. Maybe encourage family participation if appropriate…

Don’t forget, we still have a responsibility to keep members safe, so please take a look at the advice on Taking Scouts online from The Scouts.

What can we use to run a meeting?

You may already have a platform you can use, there are lots to choose from and lots of ways you can make it work nad it doesn’t have to be online! Think about what you are trying to run, does it require interaction, what delivery method fits best?

Below are some methods you could make use of, click the image to get advice on each platform:

Be open and flexible. Can you run it on more than one platform? If some cannot get on the video conferencing can you email bits out to them and get them to email back responses. While they may miss out on the interaction they still get to take part and are included.

Should we do flag break?

While it is entirely possible to run an online meeting in the same format as a normal meeting with flag break, badgework and games it may be too much, keep it simple.

You will probably find that a lot of your first session (if you go for video conferencing) is taken up just with them socialising and getting used to the novelty of seeing each other online.

Don’t be afraid to adapt, if something doesn’t work for you have a look at something else. Keep it simple, you don’t necessarily need to run a meeting for the same length of your normal meeting.

What activities can we do?

Below are some links to content for each sction to try and help you out – we will post on the County facebook page when we upload more. If you are making your own, keep it simple and be flexible. If it works well, how about sending it to us so we can share with everyone else?

There are lots of ideas online, including on the 1st Facebook group and The Great Indoors resources from The Scouts

Video –
Facebook live.
Pre-recorded, can be edited in Splice (free app). This gives you the ability to upload to multiple platforms.
YouTube videos – knots, tent care, packing a rucksack, re proofing boots/waterproofs

Worksheets –
Downloaded worksheets for badges such as Cubs Home Safety.
Knot worksheets

Challenges –
Monthly/Weekly offline competitions – photography, baking, rate my plate, logo for Scouting at Home sessions
Monthly/Weekly challenges – based around badges (home help, personal challenge)

Games –
Scavenger hunts
Card games
Online games (Scribid)
Escape Rooms
Local knowledge Quiz

Ask them, they may have some ideas, they may even be willing to run some sessions!

Had success? We would love to hear what has worked for you!

If you have run a session your self and it worked, how about sharing! It would be great to share as many ideas as we can to help everyone keep scouting. We have set up an online form for anyone to submit ideas

Anything else I should consider?

Don’t expect full participation, it’s an odd time and not everyone may be comfortable appearing on video chat or wanting to take part.

Some people may not have suitable WiFi or Data access to take part via video. Parents may be working from home during the time you are running and need the computer.

Share your successes and make the content available on as many platforms as you can. You may attract a few more who were initially unsure, once they see what others have been up to.

Be flexible. Flex your meeting format, make as much of your content as you can accessible to as many of your members as possible. Don’t forget, most badges have an option for “any other requirements as agreed with your leader”; can you adapt requirements in the spirit of the badge so the requirements can be completed at home?

So why not give it a go, you might surprise yourself?

Our support is just as important now as it always has been for all the Young People in our sections. Parents will largely be gratefully for a short distraction for their children while we are isolated in our homes (even if they don’t show it). It also helps to give the young people a bit of normality, some space to socialise and interact with others.